The moving letter of a child forced to abandon his dog

When Paul Wu returned to his home in the state of Washington (USA), he made a strange discovery in his entry. Sitting on the ground, a little dog is waiting for his return

Nothing special until then, except that this dog does not belong . Yet he is there for a specific reason.

Instead of running away when he approaches, the animal, a Cavalier King Charles, comes to him. There, Paul notices that the dog has a bone-shaped necklace around his neck.

In this bone, he finds cash and... a letter .

The heartbreaking words of a stranger

On this letter, words written by a child. Words that touch and bring tears to the eyes:

" Please, be sure to see Mr. B. He is a Cavalier King Charles. He's 6 years old. My parents divorced and he had to go to the pound. I think he'll have more luck with you. Here is my birthday money to take care of him. He is used to children, not to other dogs. He is a good dog. I know that God will take care of Mr B. Everyone loves him... especially me. Thank you.

A poignant letter written from the hands of a child

A new home for Mr B.

Deeply touched, Paul brings the dog to his work. There, one of his colleagues, upset, proposes to offer a new home to Mr. B .

" I would have hated having to make this choice as a child. It is not normal that one seeks to impound him "says Paul's colleague Robert.

He took the dog under his wing and gave him a routine visit to the veterinarian . Apart from a little dry skin and congested ears, Mr. B.'s health is at the top.

No one knows who the child is who organized the "rescue" of his dog. Paul says, " All I want is for this child to know that we have found a good home for his dog."

This shocking story proves that the love of 'a child for his animal is stronger than the egoism and irresponsibility of some adults.