The moving funeral of a police dog buried with all the honors (Video)

Killed while trying with his master to stop a thief armed with a knife, a police dog was buried with all honors in Oklahoma City, USA

More than 1000 people gathered to pay tribute to Kye

A very touching ceremony, open to the public, was organized to pay homage to him last week and more than 1,000 people as well as dozens of handlers and their companions came from all over the world. 'State gathered to attend.

Kye, a German Shepherd Crusader, was only three years old when he was stabbed by the suspect after which he was running. It was August 24th. The next day, the dog who during his short career helped to arrest 56 men and seized large quantities of drugs died of his injuries.
Announced on the Facebook page of the police Oklahoma City, the sad news has sparked a wave of emotion. More than 33,000 people shared the post published on August 25 and thousands of messages of condolence were sent.

A beautiful tribute in pictures

Kye's master, Sergeant Ryan Stark, shot dead the man who killed him and is now being investigated internally. Upset by the loss of the animal, which for two years was much more than a mere working partner , he could not hold back his tears when he leaned over the coffin of his faithful companion, covered with an American flag, he said goodbye to him

A moving video illustrating the beautiful complicity that united the two acolytes was projected during the ceremony.