The mouse feels the proximity of cheese... and cat!

study It is by researching the human brain that scientists from Stanford University in the United States have made discoveries on the mouse brain . Have you noticed that saliva comes to your mouth as soon as you smell good cooking? It's thanks to the functioning of our brain. And that of the mouse works the same way.

The researchers managed to map the circuit followed by the olfactory information in the brain of the mouse, and found that according to the smell that the mouse is sniffing , different regions of his brain are concerned.
What does this mean? When the mouse smells a "positive" smell like food, for example, it is an area of ​​the brain controlling the appetite that is affected by the message.

On the other hand, when the mouse smells the odor of a cat, the olfactory message goes through another path and goes to a place in the brain that can put the mouse on alert ( Attention, you're in feel like a cat and you better take your paws to your neck ")

Now we understand better why Tom the cat has never managed to catch Jerry the mouse!