Funniest AllCreatureAnimalClinic Dog Photos

After our selection of pictures of the funniest cats members of AllCreatureAnimalClinic, it is it is natural that dogs are in their place of honor. And we can say that they put some of theirs... Some would be ready to say that they surpass the cats!

Judge for yourself with this best of :

When the dogs are disguised

Micky, the Celine Love Micky dog jumped for joy when his mistress told him that they were going for a ride in the freshly fallen snow... He quickly disillusioned when he understood that it involved putting on a orange training suit!

When Dixie, the Frederic Bulldog bitch, was told that she was going to play the doll with the last one, she did not understand that it would be SHE the doll... whence this air shot.

Even misunderstanding in Eliot, the Eliot54 Westie, which found himself decked out with Donald's sailor when he came for a simple brushstroke!

Finally, the one who sticks the most to the theme of the moment it's still Vintage, the German Spitz Nasticoco , which has donned his Santa Claus costume to distribute licking to children!

When dogs pull our tongues

Yes, it's also that dogs are not always polite ! They too have their fifteen minutes of madness, like Diego, the French Bulldog of Diego le bouli , who shares with us his deepest disdain.

Baladin, the German Shepherd of Minouloute , wonders if it's lard or pig...

And here Rex , another German Shepherd, that of Namou , which makes understand his mistress that no, he will not go to the " veterinarian fangs "!

When dogs have glasses

Modesty is not always the greatest of qualities best friend of the man . One wonders who he is holding this... Anyway, when Choco goes out shopping, he does not forget his biker glasses for his ride in... caddy!

Even when it is to take a nap on the couch, Jack the Flat-Coated Retriever of Nath_Mallet wants to keep the class. He's doing well, right?

And Enky, the Itelodie Pug? He prefers contact lenses. Surprising, no?

Evidence to support, you find that dogs have at least as much humor as cats... and even more ? Find more dog pictures