The most expensive dogs in the world, massively abandoned

The Tibetan Mastiff (or Mastiff Tibetan), known for being the most expensive dog in the world, was selling at disproportionate prices in China in 2014. But two years later, the owners of this dog are dying and abandoning them are multiplying.

1.4 million euros, is the amount that a property developer would have disbursed in 2014 to afford a Tibetan Mastiff, then very fashionable and regularly sold for a price of around 100,000 euros. The Tibetan Mastiff, like the German Shepherd, the Dalmatian or the Husky, has thus become a symbol of the ephemeral market of Chinese luxury : one buys - at an exorbitant price -, one exhibits, then one throws . The Tibetan Mastiff, a simple whim, a simple fashion effect.

The Tibetan Mastiff, a victim of a fashion effect? ​​

Because unlike the last bag brand that a rich Chinese will rush to buy and put in the closet according to the seasons, the Tibetan Mastiff is a dog. A living being, imposing and sometimes biting moreover, that one must keep with oneself throughout one's life, is on average 11 years. Many people, thinking they can strut proudly with a big teddy lion-like, have learned at their expense. So after a year they bought one of them, they prefer to give it up .

While the Tibetan Mastiff breeders go bankrupt, many abandoned dogs are found at the slaughterhouse to be processed into meat while their thick fur will be used to make gloves. Thus the Tibetan Mastiffs are recycled, like ordinary rubbish.

In this country where having a companion dog is not always well perceived, some associations still try to save dogs intended to be eaten . Recently, one of them bribed a truck driver to release some 20 dogs on the way to the slaughterhouse.

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