The most beautiful stories of friendship between cats and humans

Far from the reputation that sticks to their coat, these cats have lived the unimaginable alongside their masters. Incredible stories that prove once again all their goodness!

If cats are often portrayed as independent and selfish animals, we will prove to you that this reputation is unfounded! As proof, these four testimonies of an unwavering fidelity and love:

1. Cleo, the cat who followed his human in retirement home

Eight years earlier, Nancy Owens was collecting Cleo, gutter cat wandering the streets of his city. Caught up in age, the old lady had to separate from her companion and confide it to her neighbors. By joining her retirement home, in which pets were banned, Nancy thought she had to definitely turn the page of her beautiful friendship story. Fortunately for her, Cléo did not hear him this ear and decided to make the wall to go in search of his former owner. Months later, the staff of the establishment became fond of a cat they thought was abandoned, and gave him hugs and food. What was not the surprise of his mistress when she crossed the road of her former protege! An incredible story, considering the distance between Nancy Owens' former home and her new home. The nursing home finally agreed to welcome Cléo, who is resting beside her mistress and bringing her all the comfort and affection she needs.

© Flickr - Cleo

2. Liz and Amelia, the two inseparable sailors

Pushing the door of an abandoned house in Polynesia, Liz Clark was far from imagining that she would find her new crewmember: a kitten she will baptize Amelia . This skipper, a sailor at heart, did not think she could take care of it, life at sea being restrictive and not very adapted to an animal in need of large spaces. The days passed and no one wanted to collect Amelia. Liz then decided to keep the cat on board, while making sure to give him long breaks on the paradisiac beaches and during his stopovers. Since then, the two have never left one foot, except this time when the young woman had to wait almost 40 days for the return of her cat explorer, called "Tropi-cat". "To build a trust like this with an animal, is one of the most rewarding things in my life ", besides delivering Liz. Today, the two sailors are inseparable and scour the seas in real crew! Their adventures are to follow on their account Instagram .

3 Bob, the cat who took out his drug master

A painful childhood, a stay in the street, the role of scapegoat... All the factors that drove James, a young Londoner, to take refuge in drugs. Heroin addict , the young man was promised a very dark future, before crossing the road of Bob, in his cage of staircase. Hungry and wounded, the latter was protected by the young man who immediately took him to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA), a local association for the protection of animals. To treat the cat James, then in rehab, spent his last pennies. Soon, the two fellows became inseparable. Every day, James went to the street where he begged, accompanied by his guitar. Tendered by the duo, the passers-by multiplied the gifts and the old addict quickly found the mental health. He wrote a book "A Street Cat Named Bob" which allowed him to rent a new apartment and support himself and Bob's. Since then, their story has been brought to the cinema.

© James Bowen

4. Tommy, the cat who rescued his master with a heart attack

In the United States, the story of Gary Rosheisen and his cat is a legend. Adopted three years earlier, Tommy would prove to be of immense help to his human, suffering frequent attacks due to his osteoporosis . Gary was then led to train his cat to dial the number 911 (Emergency number in the United States) in case of a sudden crisis, without really believing it. Months later, the helpers receive a call from home, without anyone speaking in the handset. In order to prevent any danger, the emergency doctors go on the spot and discover the adult lying on the ground , inanimate. At his side, Tommy, lying by the phone off the phone Rescued in time, Gary Rosheisen is today convinced that he owes his life to his cat

© Jorge Pereira - Shutterstock

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