The most beautiful dog in the United States is a Scottish Hound

On the occasion of the renowned Canine Beauty Contest Club Westminster (New York) the dog the most elegant of the United States won the title of " Best in Show ". This is a superb Scottish Hound called Hickory

The Scottish Deerhound is a breed little known to the general public but whose features impressive

delight the jury in this type of canine beauty contest. Long legs, an elegant gait, an imposing but slender look, gray hairs and a little goat that make Scottish Deerhound

A Beast of Contest After 2 days of show, Hickory, 5, and his mistress Angela Lloyd won the coveted prize and trophy. They defeated 2626 other participants

who represented 179 different dog breeds.

Among the other finalists, a Portuguese Water Dog (like Bo Obama), a Pekingese, an English Cocker, a Shar pei, a Fox terrier and a Bearded collie. Hickory was not a winner at first, but the jury broke new ground by awarding the prize to a Scottish Greyhound for the first time (yet the Westminster club has existed since 1877!) Hickory's mistress was moved to tears

at the trophy presentation and said that all contest enthusiasts dream of that day all their lives. We present him, as well as his dog, our congratulations.

Hickory the Scottish Greyhound, the most beautiful dog of the USA