The most beautiful dog in the United States, a Fox-Terrier named Sky

She is called Sky, is 5 years old, and comes to win the title of the most beautiful dog in the United States !
This superb Fox Terrier has indeed won the first prize of the largest American canine beauty contest, the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog, celebrating this year its 138th edition

A record!

Sky succeeds Banana Joe, the Affenpinscher who won the famous Best in show in 2013, and becomes the 14th dog of his race to be crowned with this prestigious award
It's a record! No other breed has won so many times the Best in show.

The owner of Sky, Gabriel Ranger, is obviously very proud of his little protégé, who is very affectionate, loves kisses and is extremely sociable. he was in charge

More than 2,000 dogs competing

The beautiful was in competition with a dwarf Pinsher, a Corgi, a Portuguese water dog, and a poodle called GCH Brighton Lakeridge Encore (just that) !), who had to settle for the 2nd prize despite his perfect grooming!

In total, more than 2,000 doggies belonging to about 90 different dog breeds participated in the contest, parading for two days under the very close watch of 'a jury on the lookout for the least flaw or misstep...