The most beautiful dog in Europe, it's him!

Filiste Brash Koh-I -Noor is the name of the most beautiful dog in Europe ! This superb Scottish Terrier has indeed won the first prize of the European Dog Show, a competition held in Geneva for 4 days last week, reports the Swiss press agency ATS

11 000 competitors

Some 11 000 dogs, belonging to 200 different breeds , participated in the contest. And 150 judges from around the world gathered to admire and rate all these animals.

A judgment based on various criteria such as the conformity of the breed with the standards in force, the beauty of the line and the behavior of the breed.

On the way to the

international competition From Russia, the Scottish Terrier Filipino Brash Koh-I-Noor won his entry at 'International Dog Show, which will take place in December next in Florida, in order to elect the most doggy in the world !

Her owner, the breeder Valentina Popova, is obviously very proud of her protégé who in 2011 already, had won a prize in the Junior category.

Do you think you have a chance to win the first prize in the international competition? Reply in a few months!