The mission of these dogs? Detecting STDs in UK streets and clubs!

The use of dogs' sense of smell in the field medical care continues to grow. While some are trained to detect cancers, such as the Daisy bitch who twice saved her mistress's life and uncovered more than 500 cancer cases, others are trained to become MST sniffers !

Dogs able to detect 10 MST

In the United Kingdom, a very special dog squad learns to detect herpes, chlamydia, syphilis or gonorrhea. These dogs patrol the streets and clubs across the country , in order to preserve public health. That's at least what some "STD Detection Unit" explains on Youtube.

Last July, the UK Department of Health published a disturbing report on the explosion of sexually transmitted infections . It is to stop this epidemic that the canine unit has been created. Dogs are able to detect 10 of the most common diseases , says the unit.

And to add hope that the presence of this special unit will encourage the British to better monitor their health by doing regular tests

Do not panic!

Rest assured, such dogs are not about to arrive in France to publicly humiliate people suffering from STDs in bars and nightclubs.

This video posted on December 4th is only an excellent advertising campaign carried out by the Confidante laboratory, which launches a kit for the detection of 10 diseases. sexually transmitted for private use! A Facebook page and a Twitter account on behalf of this fake canine brigade have even been created.