The Miraculous Rescue of a Dog Stuck on a Cliff for 10 Days (Video)

Sunday, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution rescue) was called to help a dog, stuck for 10 days at the bottom of one of England's highest sea cliffs near Foreland Point, Devon.

Sprig, a nine-year-old English Springer spaniel, had disappeared while walking with his master. He visibly ventured on the rocks and found himself stuck, unable to retrace his steps.

And it's a real miracle that he's still alive today. The dog was spotted quite by chance by a team of volunteer sea rescuers. "We went as close as we could, then we could see that it was a dog, about 10 meters above the water and we could not understand how he could have been in. This position was clearly there for a while because he was licking the water from my suit, and he seemed pretty happy to see us "says Andrew Escott, one of the Rescue Team

And to confess that the call he made to the owners of Sprig was one of the most enjoyable he has ever given. 10 days of worry , Mark and Susie Sanders had organized research teams with their relatives, who had traveled a long way through the area where the dog had disappeared and its surroundings. Posters were plastered and fishermen even explored the shores, but to no avail.

"I could not believe it when we received a call from the rescue team who spotted it and saved it. It's unbelievable - the best of news, blessed, says Susie Sanders

She and her husband will certainly avoid walking their leashed companion in dangerous areas in the future.

Discover in pictures the rescue of the dog Sprig: