The metamorphosis of a bitch abused and abandoned by all (Video of the day)

Covered with chemical burns, gaunt, rifle bullet in the back... Pumpkin was in a pitiful state when she was found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas, a tiny puppy snuggled against her.

Not only this poor bitch was the victim of terrifying abuse, but some found his distressing and very amusing sight . A user has taken the dog in photo to publish on the web with this caption: "Lol... only in the Third Ward (a neighborhood of Houston, ed) and I see a dog burned."

This person certainly did not intend to, but she helped save the life of the animal she was mocking

The photo was indeed shared on social networks and soon alerted animal lovers who contacted animal welfare associations. At the end of October, a few days before Halloween, the dog was taken care of by Corridor Rescue and received the name Pumpkin (Pumpkin in English). Unfortunately, her puppy could not be saved.

But Pumpkin got all the care she needed and got on her feet incredibly fast. Neat, nurtured, groomed, pampered, here she is now, who is having fun with the other dogs in the foster family who cares for her. A foster family who has become his family for life! Kelly Williams quickly realized that she could not part with this adorable dog.

A very moving story and a wonderful metamorphosis to discover in pictures:

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