The Mastiff of Tibet, the dog that was worth 1 million dollars!

1 million dollars, or 770,000 euros, is the astronomical sum that some very wealthy Chinese are willing to spend to afford a dog ! But not just any dog ​​

The Tibetan Mastiff, or Tibetan Mastiff, is all the rage in China. This awesome, lanky-looking dog was the star of the canine fair in Baodin, held last weekend in Hebei province, reports AFP

" is the most famous dog of China ", says Yao Yi , the very proud master of a year-old female, offered for sale for some 5 million yuan, more than 600,000 euros

A dog, as an outward sign of wealth

A crazy price, however, it can not compete with Big Splash's record in 2011. The 11-month-old Red Mastiff had been sold 10 million yuan, or 1.1 million euros.

Some are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to afford this beautiful dog

How can a dog be sold so expensive? Only a few years ago, it was possible to afford a Tibetan Mastiff for 5,000 yuan (about 550 euros), but the Chinese having made a fortune set their sights on this race considered purely from China. They like to exhibit this animal as an outward sign of wealth.

Number of puppies do not survive

Unfortunately, this fashion has many victims . Breeders regularly provide puppies on the Tibetan plateau. " It takes a month to return from Tibetan areas with the dogs," Wang Fei, a breeder from Beijing, told AFP.

But the altitude difference is fatal to lots of dogs ... Many of them die during the trip.

A disturbing traffic

Of course, the astronomical sums that this market represents attracted the traffickers. Some do not hesitate to add other dogs' hair to strengthen the Mastiff mane. And to give them a more massive silhouette, farmers are injecting glucose into their paws, reports Chinese media.

More and more consanguineous specimens are also emerging

In addition, the character The unpredictable and difficult Tibetan Mastiff is often forgotten. And the consequences can be dramatic. Last year, a Tibetan Mastiff wounded 9 people in Beijing, while another dog killed a man in Henan Province.