The life of this wandering kitten changed when he appeared on the doorstep to ask to eat

This adorable ball of hair lived outside and feared humans but a day of great hunger, he decided to approach them. An association did everything to help him.

A week before Christmas, Jackson County residents in the United States saw a cute ball of hair appear under their porch. A wandering angora kitten had come to venture to a house, driven by hunger. The little animal seemed hungry but also very fearful and above all, it was likely to suffer the freezing temperatures expected at that time. An association, Operation Fancy Free, was alerted and did everything to capture him before he had to face the cold.

Uncomfortable knots

The kitten, dubbed Sid, was saved and taken away to the veterinarian who found that his long hairs had gotten tangled in some places and were very annoying. The little cat was given a good chop that released him and gave him a new look. He was fed and hydrated and then joined a foster home with a volunteer of the association.

As puny as wild, it took time before to trust humans but he eventually got used to their presence and to be affectionate. No wonder the adorable animal has quickly found a new family. He spent the New Year covered with love by the Braleys, and especially their dog who does not want to leave his new companion and serves him in his paws during the nap.

A new and beautiful life

Since Sid is the happiest of cats. He grew up well and literally got back on the beast. But if his beautiful thick fur has pushed back, the cat is still very suspicious and can not be caught in the arms or cuddle too long. His masters remain patient and rejoice above all that he feels good at home.

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