The life of a cat, told by a cat (Video of the day)

We told you, they just miss the word... Well, this is no longer the case!

In this video, discover Spartacus , an adorable 6-month-old red-haired cat who tells you about his daily feline at home, with his master and his girlfriend

In a first video episode, Spartacus the cat presents his apartment, in which (of course) everything belongs to him, and where his master is just tolerated.

In his second video, Spartacus presents his nemesis, his master's girlfriend...

We all know the susceptibility of cats, which often pushes them to have someone in their noses ( or rather in the truffle!) Fortunately it never lasts very long.

In any case, at AllCreatureAnimalClinic, we look forward to the 3rd episode in the life of Spartacus !

Spartacus: my life as a cat - Episode 1: "My life"

Spartacus: my life as a cat - Episode 2: "The girlfriend of my master"

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