Leash becomes mandatory for cats in

In the city of Goshen, Kentucky (United States) United), a rather unusual decree has just been passed: all cats must be "under the control of their master with a leash " if they are outside their property.

In other words , in Goshen, cats are housed in the same style as dogs and must be on a leash

Some difficulties in perspective

A decision that certainly will not please everyone the felines . The Mayor of Goshen himself is aware of this, and warns that he will never be seen walking his cat on a leash. " Boottie will never want to go for a walk ," he says amused reporters. "I can only imagine trying to put a leash and a harness on my cat. I would have better chances with a rope and sotch."

The Mayor later explained that this decision was born from a desire to keep control of stray cats , and more particularly to prevent cat owners from letting their animal roam the city without supervision . The felines of Goshen have indeed caused several nuisances: in addition to doing their needs everywhere, they sometimes degrade the gardens citizens of the city. Not to mention that, like everywhere else, cats in freedom cause problems such as unwanted litters or the transmission of diseases...

A controversial decision

For some cat owners in the city, this decree voted by the municipality is considered exaggerated . "We have many other bigger problems in the world, other than cats," said a resident of Goshen.

Other people are opposed to this decree, arguing that cats do not like to be kept on a leash. But this is a misinterpretation of the text, because nowhere is it specified that cat owners must walk their animals on a leash. The leash is only obligatory if the cat must, at a time when to another, be found elsewhere than at home. Not to mention that, as for dogs, leash walking is ultimately just a matter of habit and education.