The killer of the Hairy Cat finally arrested!

This stray cat was savagely tortured and killed on the night of May 31st. His fate had upset thousands of people who were demanding justice. That will soon be the case.

They had been thousands of indignant citizens to meet in the big cities of France to demand that the person responsible for the barbaric assassination of Chevelu , this cat found beaten to death, eyes torn off, in the old center of Draguignan, are dragged to justice. They finally won the case because after nearly 2 months of investigation, the police found the murderer of the cat, according to Var-Matin .

A suspect passed (partially) confessions

A 28-year-old Dracénois reportedly struck three times with his safety shoes. He will be brought before the public prosecutor. A relief for all those who have mobilized for the poor tomcats who now hope that the culprit will be sentenced to an exemplary sentence.

"I am relieved by this epilogue, declares Maître Isabelle Terrin , lawyer of the president of the association The friends of the cats of Draguignan who made complaint on behalf of the feline. There has been so much distress expressed around the ordeal of this cat that I'm sure it will open a new era. There will be a before and after hairy. And a systematic application of the law which commands a judicial answer to every act of barbarism. What is important is the mobilization and the real work of the police on this issue which infers an awareness of the gravity of acts of barbarism towards sentient beings .

Isabelle Terrin and Icko

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