Kamikaze Cat (Video of the Day)

You know, the cats do not have the same notion of the danger that we, humans

In our cats, vertigo means nothing. They only have to do height as long as there is a coping to go along a wall, a rim to receive them after a jump over the void ...

And even if the cats fall back on their feet this does not mean that they are safe from danger

They can slow down their fall by adopting the position of the "flying squirrel", that is to say the fingers of the legs. fan, but plus their fall will be high, the more they will have a chance of getting hurt.

Thus, if you have a flat cat , it is essential to secure your balcony (even on the 1st floor!) And do not leave an open window unattended.

This does not stop you from admiring the prowess of this kamikaze cat which is not cold to the eye

If Luc Besson envisages a feline remake of his Yamakasi , one does not doubt that he will think of him!

J did the air force me sir!

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