The Jaguar rushes on the dog, then the unthinkable happens (Video of the day)

Nature sometimes gives us huge surprises.

This amazing story unfolds in South Africa, that of Bullet Jack Russell and Jag the Jaguar. While everything seems to contrast these two animals, they are nevertheless the best friends of the world, as you can see in the video below where they have fun running after.

All has started when Jag's mistress realized she could not always sleep with the jaguar and needed companionship. And it's finally Bullet who played this role. Quickly, the two accomplices are become perfectly inseparable : to play, to sleep, to eat, to hug... They did everything together, like two brothers.

One day, Jag was changed from paddock to have more space and the two friends have been separated. They cried for days, so much so that they finally settled together again.

And contrary to what one might think, Bullet is the dominant in this amazing duo . Like what.

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