Oleron island, outnumbered by its cat population

The island of Oléron (Charente-Maritime) is now facing a problem: its cat population is constantly increasing. What is far from pleasing everyone...

On the island of Oléron, cats have a major role: they hunt rats from the port of the Château d'Oléron. That's why they were so well regarded by the locals.

But now, cats are more and more numerous on this island that cats never leave because they do not cross the bridge to join the continent. In addition, a female can give birth to a dozen kittens a year who will live for most of more than ten years. And they themselves will give birth, before the age of one, to other kittens, and so on...

The presence of cats is "desirable"

On the island of Oleron, everything the world does not see this overpopulation very well, and cats are sometimes victims of mistreatment . Faced with this problem, the Mayor of Château d'Oléron even had to publish an opinion in which he recalls that "the presence of cats on the port of Château d'Oléron is quite desirable since they themselves participate in sanitary balances and that sterilization avoids unmanageable multiplication. It is therefore highly desirable to respect their presence and any action of mistreatment will be sanctioned as it should be."

Nevertheless, the feline population is too important today. The association Pachats Bastion which collects all stray cats on the island and takes care of their sterilization , is overwhelmed. Despite the presence of her 20 or so volunteers, a subsidy and a pension service that partially finances the shelter, she is struggling to meet the needs of her current 110 residents. Only the sterilization of cats appears as an effective solution in the long term.

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