The invention to control your dog from a distance

Control the actions of his dog, without moving from his sofa: the idea will do without any doubt, and rightly so, howling lovers of dogs. Yet a remote dog control system has indeed been developed

Encouraging lazy masters?

But if such a thing is now possible, thanks to a team of engineers, it's not to encourage dog owners' laziness.

No, if Jeff Miller and David Bevly, mechanical engineers at Auburn University, Alabama, developed a control system remote for dogs, it's for another reason.
They hope it can be used by search and rescue dogs when they venture into hard-to-reach places accessible for humans. They also plan to develop apps to help the visually impaired.

This canine-backpacking device includes a microprocessor, a wireless radio, and a GPS receiver. It emits sounds and vibrations to direct, in noisy environments or beyond the reach of the voice, a trained dog to understand and obey them.

98% success

The tests carried out proved very conclusive. Dogs participating in the experiment did indeed obey 98% of cases.

Jeff Miller and David Bevly say that search and rescue dogs can be trained to respond " practically flawless "to sounds and vibrations, as if they were orders directly issued by humans.

So no question of offering lazy masters the means to play and walk their dog without stirring a toe. This system was designed to guide utility dogs, not pets.