The incredible story of Scooter, this dog with broken legs saved by love

Too often still, animals are the sad victims of the worst cruelties. But sometimes, miracles happen as shown by the case of Scooter, this dog rescued from Thailand in extremis last March...

His hind legs had been removed and his spine broken. The reason for this gesture? Probably none. It is in this terrible state that Scooter, an adorable but fearful dying bitch, was discovered last March, in Thailand.

Flapping and determined to survive despite the abuse, she still managed to drag her poor little bruised body - catching infections with the shovel - for several months. But it's in extremis that his fate has changed. His path crossed indeed that of the Soi Dog Foundation then later, that of Willow Sullivan, head of the American association Willow's Wings , which decided to adopt it to bring him - finally - all the love she needed.

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An armchair for a life

It was in September that his health finally allowed him to fly to the United States. But terrified, Scooter could not fully enjoy his first day of love on American soil. And in fact, for fear of new blows, she would show her teeth and grumble as soon as a biped tried to approach her.

But as the months go by, with patience and a lot of love, everything arranged. The dog has adapted to the company of the man and for good reason, everything has been done to give him confidence in the human. His mistress, supported by Chris Frye, a specialist at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine , has struggled to make his life easier. And today, the adorable hairball has its own wheelchair! Now his back as it should, he offered the little dog the opportunity to be able to move forward more serenely in life.

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