The incredible story of Indigo, this cat who found the perfect home despite its handicaps

Abandoned, about ten years old, one-eyed and deaf, Indigo was not the ideal candidate for find a family and yet...

She has cracked the one who, on Imgur , calls herself @Belle_nocturne. Resident of a shelter since well before some volunteers were there, no one was really paying more attention to her. And in fact, aged about 10, one-eyed and almost completely deaf, the kitten spent her time sleeping on a chair, alone in a corner.

It's a little something, a "one do not know what " that no one explains who still pushed @Belle_Nocturne to adopt this senior cat. And the least we can do is that this gesture was saving him.

If the volunteers thought Indigo healthy and had only shaved his hair because of too many unwanted, force was to see that they were wrong. "I took her to the vet after leaving the shelter ", said the happy new owner on Imgur, he informed me that she had fleas, suffered from an ear infection, a urinary tract infection and kidney disease started. "

But with hope and a lot of love, anything is possible. Today, Indigo is doing better, as shown by the photos of its incredible transformation:

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