The unbelievable story of the cat that was thought to be dead, metamorphosed

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Wanting to offer a decent end to what he thought was the corpse of an abandoned cat in a cardboard box beside a road, a man recently in a refuge in Guernsey and... surprise! He thought hard, that good Samaritan. Persuaded to have discovered the remains of a poor tomcat on the roadside, he had decided to put him in a shelter so that he could be identified and know a more decent end. He was very angry and had wrapped him (the cat, note) in a blanket ", even delivered the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( GSPCA

) of the Island of Guernsey, a British island off the coast of Normandy, about the man who - upset - had taken care to collect the animal to drop it at home.

But really worried about the animal and back against "the a human being who could have been capable of so much cruelty, a detail had escaped him. And when it became obvious, what was to be a tragic moment finally turned into a real comic sketch.

The resurrection of... the animal?

If at first sight Steve Byrne - manager of this refuge - at first thought not to recognize the remains of a cat but rather those of a small dog wounded in the nose and covered with mud and insects, he finally realized that the man and they were very far from reality. And for good reason: the mysterious remains were none other than... a plush! Yes really. Relieved, he was eager to contact the hero one evening to announce the happy news. If he had a hard time believing it, both of them ended up laughing!

Passed to the washing machine, this cat who was not one lives now a pretty dog ​​life stuffed and seems pampered within the GSPCA To read on the same theme: