The Amazing Makeover of an Abandoned Dog on the Street

An old stuffed toy, or a simple pile of garbage: that's what looked like this poor dog when his rescuers discovered him. But when they saw him moving and heard breathing, they realized that this disgusting ball of hair found wandering the streets of Montreal was alive and well.

The waste was an adorable Cavalier King Charles

Rescued by SPCA West , the dog had no more the adorable Cavalier King Charles that it turned out to be after being cleaned, shorn and neat . The poor beast, no doubt cowardly abandoned after years of neglect and abuse, was frightened, hungry and frozen.

But after getting rid of her fur as dirty as it was tangled, fed, warmed and cuddled, the little Cavalier King Charles has gradually taken over the beast of the beast.
Metamorphosed, here it is for a new life, filled with love, caresses, games and walks. The dog just waiting for one thing: the family who will offer all this, and much more!

The incredible metamorphosis of this dog is reminiscent of that of Shrek, poor dog abandoned in the wood, which was no longer anything like a dog when it was discovered and rescued.

The poor beast no longer looked like a dog when it was rescued...

The little dog lost 50% of its volume after being shorn!

It turned out to be an adorable Cavalier King Charles