The incredible friendship of a cat... and a mouse! (Video of the day)

Nothing predestined them to be friends and yet, it is in Thailand that this rodent and this Tatto have challenged the laws of Nature to feast on each other...

Tom and Jerry, friends in real life? No, you are not dreaming: this fabulous day has arrived! It is in Pichit, Thailand, that a friendship, to say the least, has emerged between a cat and a mouse. Charanai Nanootum - witness of the birth of this beautiful relationship - is also the owner of Huan, the cat with the parental instinct or even, maternal, out of the ordinary.

A few months ago, when minette came across a young mice, she had a very surprising reaction: instead of chasing him to eat, she decided to take him under his paw... in order to raise him as his own little. Jerry is now part of the family and never leaves his mother purring. As evidenced by this adorable video:

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