The incredible epic of a lost dog

In a week, the little dog Fancy had a funny adventure, part of which will probably remain a mystery. Missing from her mistress's house, she was found and adopted before finally finding her home.

When Fancy, a female Shih Tzu, was found wandering on a street, she was driven by a woman to the vet. His microchip identified his name, but the contact information of his masters was out of date. Already the owner of three dogs, the woman decided to give the dog. Some time later she met a woman named Bailey who proposed to adopt her.
A few months earlier, Bailey had lost his dog, Preston. Having become paralyzed, he must have been euthanized after having spent five beautiful years with a loving family. It was to fill the gap that Bailey was looking for a new dog. When she saw Fancy, she could not resist.
In the early days, Fancy was quite distant in her new home. But soon she turned out to be a sweet, affectionate dog who seemed to have always been part of Bailey's family. She was particularly attentive to the children. And for good reason: in his "real" family, Fancy had to look after five children from one to nine years old... But that, Bailey did not know.

Fancy had run away and was lost...

In reality Before she was found, Fancy lived with the Davis. She had run away from her home while her master was mowing the lawn. Since her departure, her family was looking for her and she did not know what she had become.

Fancy could never have seen her masters again if Bailey had not gone to the vet to get her vaccinated. It was by chance that an employee of the clinic recognized the dog he had seen on Facebook, in a lost dog ad. He was sure: Fancy was the Davis bitch. From that moment, the reunion between the Shih Tzu and her "real" masters was organized, despite the sadness of Bailey, who had already been very attached to the dog.

But, very grateful to the young woman for taking care of their dog, the Davis decided to help him to find the ideal companion who could share his life... for long and beautiful years.

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