The incredible and unusual rescue of a cat in New York

Unusual moment in New York! This story makes us smile, since everyone came out unharmed!
Stuck in a tree, on a street in New York, a cat mobilized an agent of the New York City Police Department, but also the New York firefighters !

A cat stuck in a tree, with a policeman!

The little feline found himself stuck at the top of a tree in Oakland Park, in front of a school of New York Borough of Queens. Children, worried about the cat, arrested a policeman who was passing by, begging him to help the cat.

Attendri, the NYPD agent did not have the heart to refuse this mission. He then climbed into the tree, branch after branch, to reach nearly 10 meters high. But the uncooperative cat did not let himself get caught, preferring to climb even higher...

Result? The cat got stuck, and the policeman too ! This one had no choice but to call the firefighters to get out of there!

"It was pretty comical"

Searching for criminals, or saving cute cats, the NYPD is always ready to intervene, at his own risk!
" It was quite comical " amused a young man who attended the scene. And it was a real spectacle for all the children coming out of school, and other passers-by who were speechless in front of this improbable table!
The helpers quickly intervened, armed with their large scale, and managed to help the policeman, and the matou !
The black and white cat, about a year old, does not wear a collar. We do not know for the moment if he has a master, and if so, if he has found it.

Courtesy, professionalism, respect: in all circumstances, the NYPD remains true to its famous slogan!