The inauguration of a monument against animal abuse in the United States

Hundreds of friends met last Saturday at the unveiling of a special bench in a park in the heart of the city of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Indeed, unlike at the other benches in the park this one is carved in a beautiful black granite , because it is a real monument in memory of Kiya, a young dog died after being tortured not far from there. Found in the park last year, left to the agony, the dog was in too bad condition to survive and had to be euthanized to end his suffering .

A death too

Kiya, nicknamed Puppie Doe (" John Doe " being the American expression for an anonymous) because his identity was unknown at the time, is one of those many unlucky animals that suffer the cruelty of men every year. His suffering will at least have the merit of provoking a real movement of indignation in Massachusetts, which recently resulted in a real breakthrough in the legislation for the state's animal welfare: Governor Deval Patrick has increased the penalties for criminal maltreatment.

In Massachusetts, for example, the maximum term of imprisonment for cruelty to an animal increases from 5 to 7 years, and fine is increased from $ 2,500 to $ 5,000. In addition, this new amendment further penalizes repeat offenders, who can now go to prison for a period of 10 years and to pay up to $ 10,000.

A symbol of the fight against animal abuse

" Your voices were heard on the steps of the Law Courts and in the corridors of the Government", solemnly announces Quincy Municipal Councilor Kevin Coughlin. "You have made sure that what happened here is not just the end of a sad story but the catalyst for a movement to renew attention and vigilance for animal cruelty

The "Puppie Doe" bench was erected in the park in honor of the young dog sadly deprived of any form of happiness, and even of his life. But this majestic bench, which undoubtedly attracts the attention of passers-by, is also there to welcome the fight against mistreatment and raise awareness among the general public, in the hope that what happened to Kiya never happen again .