The unlikely rescue of a dog and a koala fallen in a hole

The Australian firemen had to intervene this Monday to save a dog and a koala, both of them fell into a very deep hole.

It was dog barking that allowed the firefighters, accompanied by the local RSPCA (the equivalent of our SPA), to find the two companions of misfortune in the background. a hole A rescue described as "unusual" by one of the firefighters. And for good reason: even in Australia, it is not every day that we see dogs and koalas together. Even less if both are in very bad shape...

A difficult rescue operation

To help them, the firefighters had to use a bag and ropes that they launched at the bottom of the hole. The dog immediately realized that these men were there to get him out of the hole. But the koala, on the other hand, was not cooperative . It took an hour to successfully "trap" him and bring him to the surface with a net:

Dog and Koala Rescue

While the dog is doing well, the koala, him , was taken to a hospital dedicated to wildlife. He has nothing broken but suffers from conjunctivitis as well as from cystitis. It was his bad eyesight that probably led him to the bottom of this hole, while the dog had to run after him...

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