The images of the perilous rescue of 7 puppies stuck under a house!

A mother could have lost all these puppies, but it was not counting on the rescue Animal Protectors...

The Hope For Paws is not his first heroic rescue video. Eldad Hagar, himself the life-support group's co-founder, has now completed a complicated mission.

Having watched Sansa, a neighborhood dog, go back and forth in a small hiding under their home, the tenants of a Los Angeles home are wondering. There they discover an adorable litter of American Stafford Terrier puppies. " One day, she has crawled under the house and gave birth to his seven babies. " tells Eldad Hagar at Huffing Post .

So you had to shoot these little balls of hair. A very dangerous test in front of very shy animals...

Discover in these unusual images how this lover of animals managed to get them out of business:

Today, all the little ones have been adopted . Sansa, their mother, however, had more difficulties.

It is indeed proven that adult dogs are the last adopted but also the first euthanized. Fortunately for her, the one who saved her children sheltered her until she found a house.