The house is your territory, not that of the dog

Space management for the dog

" Come home, I live in my dog! ". Learning the territory is to avoid this type of finding. Space management is fundamental for the good social behavior of the dog. In wild canines, survival is essentially a function of the place in the hierarchy, the three hierarchical poles being food, space and sexuality.

The dominant will reign over the group and to impose their desires in priority. But some dominated are constantly trying to rise in rank and gain access to a dominant position. Brawls and fangs are common then.

The dog will also test his masters and his entourage , he will try to win. This is normal behavior. But your answer must be clear: your dog lives at home, you do not live at home ! This seems obvious, however, the cases where the dog reigns as master are quite common

The behavior to adopt

The dog's place must be determined before his arrival and you must make him respect. As with food, observance of these rules is essential for dog-masters and educational success.

If the dog feels no limit to his living space, Behavioral disorders will appear that can range from marking the urine of the entire apartment to the "ban" for you to enter your apartment. Situations that may seem comical at first become unlivable later.

Some teachers do not understand the importance of learning the territory. Why should not the dog sleep on the bed? Seen punctually, it is true that it is not that bad, a dog on the bed. But the learning of the territory is fundamental to fix the dog hierarchical position, which allows a good education and a balance for all.

The house: it's your home!

« I live with my masters ": this is what your dog must convince himself, and as quickly as possible. You will help him! The dogs share, in the nature, their territory in several zones, that they will try to find in their master. It will reconcile your life, your field, and the needs of your dog.

The goal is not to deny him the entry of all the pieces and to keep him in the garage, but to remain always master of the situation and the environment You are the author of entry

In dog packs, some are not accepted everywhere. Dominants make the law. We remind you that the dominant is you in all circumstances. The dog shares his territory in three areas (rest, meals and toilets).

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