The 2009 Hero Dog is...

A few days ago, Miley, a one-year-old crossbred terrier was declared Dog Hero of the Year 2009 Leaves the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Prevention Organization.

Miley, from Arkansas, saved her entire family last night from a probable death.

While the whole household was sleeping peacefully, the dog stood in front of her sleepy mistress, Stacy, and barked until she woke her up. Not understanding the reason for the barking, she went back to bed.

But Miley persists and wakes Stacey a second time. This time, she feels nauseous and suffers from a terrible headache. She will wake her fiancé and her daughter-in-law who are in the same state.

Neither one nor two, the family goes to the hospital and all discover that they were poisoned with carbon monoxide at a high level . If Miley the dog had not intervened, they would have serious lesions to the brain or would even be... dead.