Good Dog Resolutions for 2010

It is customary to take good resolutions with each new year. Some take them and stick to them, others take the same resolutions each year then forget them immediately... and others simply do not reach the good resolutions of the new year!

And your dog, in did he take? Or rather, did you take it for himself? Here is a fun list but no less useful than what they might look like:

1 - I'll eat less and exercise more

No more days going back and forth between the dog kennel and the bowl! From this year I reduce my daily ration of dog food and I go every day to a walk to the park closest to me. Over there, with my teacher, I can learn a lot of dog sports.

2 - I will claim less dog food

It is true that I excel in this matter. I just have to bend my head, look like a beaten dog to have my croquettes or my treats . In 2010 I will not do it anymore... or only in case of extreme gluttony!

3 - I will not confuse the sofa with the dog basket

It is true that they are not much alike, but I have the annoying tendency to take the couch for my basket. And as soon as my master's back is turned, he finds me lying in his favorite place, looking innocent. Well, everyone has the right to be wrong!

4 - I will not go in cat litter anymore

It is true that it is attractive this tray with lots of gravel and smells which I like. In addition to the cat goes constantly, he seems to like it. How is this a cat litter? And you say he's doing it? Ugh, it's disgusting I will not go!

5 - I will not steal any more food

Yes my dog ​​food is good, but it can decently withstand a chicken leg carelessly left in the kitchen, or a slice of ham forgotten on the corner of the plate?

6 - I will stop barking against the factor

But who is this guy who taunts me every morning to come encroach on my territory ? If he still came to caress me or bring me some food I might be making an effort, but he only brings in bills. In addition to his costume... it does not come back to me!

7 - I will stop shooting on the leash

I love walks. As soon as my master leaves the dog leash I jump in all directions. Once well harnessed, we can leave for a crazy trip. And I run, I want to play, I pull on the leash. How slow is this master!

8 - I will not grumble against the vet

It's stronger than me, even though I know it's for my good, I can not feel it. With his white coat and its bites that hurt, it scares me this vet.

9 - I will learn to hold me at night

The call of nature, it does not wait! But it's true that my masters are not happy when they find my pee on the living room carpet. So promised, this year, I'm waiting for the morning walk.

10 - I'll do more hugs to my masters

And that's by far the easiest resolution to hold!

And your dogs the AllCreatureAnimalClinic, what did they take as resolutions?