The Golden Retriever and his best friend the teddy bear: dive into their dream world!

Gabi Stickler is a young German photographer whose name we invite you to remember. Because his work, and especially his series of photos dedicated to his golden retriever Mali is beautiful. She plunges us into a dream world, where her dog lives crazy adventures with his best friend Teddy, a fearless teddy bear.

Mali never leaves this little bear that reassures and amuses . At the beach, in the park, in the forest, in winter as in summer, Mali can always count on Teddy. And Teddy can always count on Mali.

But the Golden and his bear have for some time another friend with whom they like to spend time. His name ? Wall-E!

Gabi Stickler's stagings have something magical . And the young photographer is lucky to have a model as expressive as happy to take the pose to please her so creative mistress.
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Mali & Teddy, the inseparable


Mali and Teddy have a lot in common. Among them, gluttony!

At the beach, it is under high surveillance that teddy bathes!

When wall-E accompanies Mali and Teddy in the forest

A beautiful starry night, conducive to secrets...