The funny meeting between Nemo, the Macron dog, and his new roommates at the Elysée (Video)

Agathe and Marianne: these are the names of the new roommates of Nemo, the dog of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. Two new residents of the Elysee rather unexpected since it is... chickens!

It's now 7 months since Nemo joined the Elysee Palace alongside Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. Adopted at the SPA, this beautiful black Labrador met a few days ago, two new members of the family: Agathe and Marianne, two hens adopted by Emmanuel Macron after his visit to the Salon de Agriculture:

The meeting between Nemo, Marianne and Agathe was filmed and is rather funny: we can see the presidential doggie at the same time curious and suspicious , obviously not knowing how to interact with the gallinaceous. In the video, we hear the President of the Republic admit that his dog "race the crows", so hope that he does not do the same with the hens!

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