The favorite breed dogs of the French, the German Shepherd

Every year, the SCC (Central Canine Society) ) publishes the list of breed dogs registered in LOF (French Origin Book).

This gives an idea of ​​ the most popular dog breeds in France , and the evolution of the popularity of each of these races in relation to the others.

Of course, this classification forgets a major competitor: the so-called cornyud, the bastard, the crusader ... In short, the most popular real dog in France

With this ranking, we also see which breeds of dogs are "victims" of the effects of fashion . That a dog breed is popular is not a problem in itself, but unscrupulous breeders or individuals take advantage of the vein to breed intensively and sell as many puppies as possible.

In recent times, dog breeds have become fashionable, such as the Cavalier King Charles, the French Bulldog and the Chihuahua.

The 10 most popular dogs (2011)

1 - The German Shepherd
2 - The Golden Retriever
3 - The Belgian Shepherd
4 - The Cavalier King Charles
5 - The Labrador Retriever
6 - The Yorkshire Terrier
7 - The English Setter
8 - The French Bulldog
9 - The Australian Shepherd
10 - The American Staffordshire Terrier

The German Shepherd Against and Against All

The German Shepherd is the favorite of the French for many years, and by far! In 2011, they were 11,374 to be confirmed in the LOF for 8480 Golden , yet second in the rankings.

Fashion is for small breeds

It is also noted that small dog breeds on the rating: the Cavalier King Charles, the French Bulldog, Yorkshire or Chihuahua (in 13th position) are acclaimed for their small size and their facility to live in apartment and in the city.

molosses resist

Despite the law on dogs called "dangerous", the molosses resist at the top of the ranking. While the Staffordshire bull terrier is in 20th place, Cane Corso is in 19th place, and the American Staffordshire terrier is in 10th place.

And your dog , it is part of ranking?

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