The famous singer Dolly Parton rescues an abandoned dog at a festival

Dolly Parton is one of those artists who have nothing to prove . For more than 40 years, this great American singer has marked the history of country and pop to the point that some of her songs have been repeated many times by big names in music (Whitney Houston, White Stripes...).

So when she hears about a neglected dog following one of the festivals where she was present, Dolly Parton does not hesitate for a second and lets talk her grand chel; ur deciding to take the animal under his wing

One Dolly can save another

It was after the Glastonbury Festival, in England, that the dog was discovered by the team responsible for putting the place back in order. At the end of the concert, in the midst of the stands and abandoned tents, was this ruffled dog, with white hair like snow . In honor of Dolly Parton, who had come to perform some of her songs at the festival, the dog was naturally named Dolly

It's the refuge Happy Landings who took care of the dog Dolly. The animal had some health problems that were important to treat before a family could adopt it. And yet it seems that someone is volunteering to give Dolly a new home , and this is none other than Dolly Parton in person !

© christyfrink - Flickr

"I asked my manager to call Happy Landings to make sure that the dog is well treated and properly cared for," said the singer. "To date, no one has come to claim and the dog is in safe hands at the shelter. I'll take her home to the United States if nobody comes to ask quickly. " A very nice gesture from the singer , which will surely make an incredible duet with his canine counterpart!