The famous Hachiko and his master finally reunited

80 years after his death, the dog Hachiko, known throughout the world for his incredible loyalty to his master he waited in vain for the return to his last breath, will finally find his dear human never to leave.

The University of Tokyo has indeed made a statue in honor of Hachiko. This Akita Inu used to accompany every morning and pick up her teacher, University Professor Hidesaburō Ueno every evening, at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. But one day, he did not come back. The man died suddenly of an intracerebral haemorrhage while he was at work. His dog never stopped waiting for him.

Very moved by this boundless dedication, many locals and station users began to feed and care for him.

Reunion frozen in stone

A moving story that was told, written and adapted to film, and made Hachiko a true legend .

Died on March 8, 1935, 10 years after his master, he sits today in his stone version at the station of Shibuya while his stuffed remains are kept in the Museum National Museum of Nature and Science of Tokyo

The new statue is all the more touching that it represents the famous duo finally united. Reunions frozen in stone, those that Hachiko has waited tirelessly for 10 years

It is March 8 that will be unveiled this statue. But photos of the prototype made of clay have been published on the blog of the University of Tokyo .