The exemplary work of a dog poacher hunter in South Africa

The murder of lion Cecil, savagely shot by a rich poacher, recently revolted the world. Taken off the reserve, the 13-year-old animal was found decapitated and dismembered by an American dentist...

The indignation that followed succeeded in generating new resolutions, for example, for some companies the refusal to transport hunting trophies on board their aircraft.

However, poaching of endangered animals continues in South Africa. Fortunately, heroic dogs are there to fight back.

Killer is a Belgian Malinois of six years. Specialist hunting poachers, it is accompanied by his master, Amos Mzimba, that the animal flies over the Kruger National Park aboard a helicopter

Once a killer is spotted, they are dropped on the ground and the dog launches into a millimeter pursuit. Over sometimes more than 8 kilometers, Killer manages to combine concentration and ferocity for remarkable results.

This dog has already arrested not less than a dozen poachers!

Notably some who hunt rhinoceros for their horns. Last year, 1215 of these animals were killed in Eastern medicinal practice.

Today, the Park has 29 dogs in charge of poaching. But the performance of our four-legged friends has recently pushed the leaders of the place to add 10 hunters to their pack!