The end of a terrible animal massacre announced in Nepal

While some animal killings continue, like the Yulin Festival in China, whose goal is to kill and then to eat nearly 40,000 dogs, others are finally stopped. Nepal has indeed decided to ban the feast of the goddess Gadhimai.

If the country had seduced us with the Kukur Tihar, its festival which pays homage to our friends the dogs, another of its ceremonies scandalizes however the lovers of the animals.

This one does not concern our pets, but it does not remain less defective.

All the five years since nearly 300 years, up to 5 million pilgrims from India and all over Nepal go to Kathmandu. A sacrifice is organized over two days by the temple of Gadhimai in order to access a better life. It is not less than 500,000 buffaloes, chickens and goats that are then slaughtered.

An event of such barbarism that of course always revolted animal defenders. And the noise they made, especially a letter from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to the President of Nepal , has finally borne fruit.

"With your help, we can make sure that the next celebration unfolds without bloodshed. The time has come to transform this old tradition. The time has come to replace murder and violence with peaceful worship practices celebrating life. I realized that animals are substantially made like us, they have the same organs and feel the pain we inflict on them. Said Motild Prasad , the representative of the temple

A great step forward which, it is hoped, will have a positive influence on other countries that are still fond of animal killings.

Discover the rare unveiled images allowing to realize the horror of the massacre. Beware, sensitive souls refrain.