The door of a forced SPA: five missing cats and a dog

Bad surprise for this independent shelter for animals affiliated to the national confederation of SPA de France in Lyon: a burglar s 'is broken into the night from Tuesday to Wednesday and left with several balls of hair.

History repeats itself. A SPA has just been the scene of an event that should not have happened. After the massacres of animals perpetrated in various refuges, in the middle of the night one of them saw his door being forced to deplore on Facebook:

New refuge-spa

But Beyond the burglary, it is above all a burglary denounced by the association New Refuge-SPA. No less than six animals have disappeared . Among them, five cats and a Griffon Korthals dog.

Identified animals

"We do not know where they are or if they are well. All are identified by microchip in the name of the shelter, "also detailed the refuge on social networks.

If anyone has information on the subject, he does not hesitate to contact the police

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