The Dogs & Cats exhibition at the Cité des Sciences: the event that will make you purr with pleasure

The Cité des Sciences in Paris has just inaugurated Exhibition Dogs & Cats: a must event for all animal lovers and AllCreatureAnimalClinic is a partner!
Dogs & Cats The EXPO is a real invitation to put yourself in the shoes of a cat or a cat dog . Indeed, it is a multisensory and interactive course suitable for young and old. Games, quizzes or simulations are proposed to help the visitor to put himself in the place of his best friend on all fours and understand it better .
Dogs and cats do they have different characters? Why does a cat claw furniture? Why do dogs need to sniff their backs? To educate your cat and / or your dog, is it important? How does the status of the animal evolve in our societies? All the answers to these questions (and many others!) Are brought during the exhibition.

An interactive course

Divided into three parts - "in their skin" (morphology, performances, aptitudes... ), "In their head" (behaviors, characters...), and "in our societies" (abuse, abandonment, status...), - it is based on the latest discoveries on animal behavior.

© G. Leimdorfer -EPPDCSI

© G. Leimdorfer-EPPDCSI

Scientific, sociological and cultural information about the best furry friends of man enriches the content of this exhibition. But beware, nothing annoying awaits the visitor: everything is rather very playful so that everyone can learn while having fun.

The opinion of the editor:

Who is this exhibition for?

For children (from 6 years old) and adults who wish to better understand their dog or cat
For the visually impaired and hearing impaired (the exhibition offers Braille interactions!)

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We liked:

- The agility course for humans
- The room where, thanks to a screen and an odor diffuser, you are transformed for a few minutes into a cat or a dog and see and feel the world through him
- The jump test to see if you can jump as high as a cat can do it
- The game that teaches you how to say "Woof" or "meow" in other countries

We liked less:

- The size of the exhibition: the course is small, but it is the ideal not to lose the atten

When to go:

Until February 2, 2016, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 7pm.


Full price: 12 €
Reduced price: 10 €
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