The Dog + Zen: for men and dogs to live in perfect harmony

Allow men and dogs to cohabit in the same way. more harmonious possible, this is the goal of the program Dog + Zen , officially unveiled at the Salon de l'Agriculture on February 22.
Launched by SNVEL (National Union of Veterinarians of Liberal Exercise), it aims to help us better know the dogs, to better understand them and live with them on a daily basis , whether or not we are happy master of a doggie.

A Internet site rich in information at once practical, educational and fun has been put on line, and the pro gram can also be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.

But who is the Dog + Zen?

Saturday, the dog Kool, mascot of this vast " national program of knowledge and of activities for a harmonious cohabitation between men and dogs "was presented, along with the 4 big ambitions of Dog + Zen, namely:

1. To reinforce confidence reciprocal that exists between the man and the animal since everyone knows and respects each other. It is also the confidence of the general public in its health professionals (human and animal) that are, among others, veterinarians.
2. To affirm and to make known the benefits that emerge from a harmonious relationship between Man and the dog.
3. Recall the need for responsible engagement in any relationship including with an animal
4. It is finally to reinforce the involvement of the veterinary profession in the daily life with the citizens, all exposed without necessarily knowing, to a cohabitation with the world canine (the children, the young parents, the big ones

The Dog + Zen intends to support all the initiatives encouraging this harmony between the man with his best in 4 legs . " The Dog + ZEN, thanks to the French veterinarians ambitionne to become for all, a formidable mirror and amplifier of all these beautiful actions ". A beautiful project no?