The dog that was celebrating its kibble! (Video of the day)

It takes little, really, very little, this crisp Welsh Corgi to be happy! Only one kibble , and voila!

And the little dog, baptized Silly Mango , knows how to make the pleasure last. When some would have thrown on the kibble and devoured it in a second, the dog takes the time to look at it from all angles , admire it, gauge it.

All excited at the idea of ​​reveling in it, he leaps with happiness ! It will take him a long minute of contemplation and excitement before finally eating his well-deserved treat !

Let's hope that Silly Mango does not perform the same ritual before devouring each kibble. his bowl!

With this adorable Corgi , meals must be long, very long!

This Corgi does not mess with croquettes!

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