The dog who is afraid of Julia Roberts (Video of the day)

The Hollywood stars may have everything that any d between us may desire, the glory, money, devoted fans... They do not always unanimous.

Animals, they are intractable.

No matter the popularity of a no one , if an animal can not feel it, he will flee it as a danger

Here it is Julia Roberts , the famous Pretty Woman interpreter , which pays the price of the artistic sensibility of a Siberian Husky

When he sees an advertisement starring the beauty icon on a magazine, the animal is taken with a fright worthy of a child who would watch a horror movie for the first time

Would the advertisers have taken advantage of the image editing so that the animal takes the legs to his neck seeing Julia Roberts ?

In any case ch ez AllCreatureAnimalClinic, it reminds us of cats who do not like Justin Bierber!

Julia, it would be necessary to change cosmetics brand...

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