The dog that detects earthquakes

The earthquake that wiped out most of the capital of Haiti will forever mark the spirits for his violence and the number of deaths he has trained. In these types of disasters, search dogs have shown how effective they are in saving the survivors trapped under the rubble. At USA in California, there is an earthquake whose consequences were much happier...

And always thanks to a dog ! This January 9, 2010 Jessica Richelderfer takes her dog Sophie to the office. While she is resting peacefully on the floor of the room, the surveillance video film Sophie get up suddenly and rush into the office of his mistress.

What happened? A few seconds later a shockwave caused the building to shake and explode the lights. Sophie had felt earthquake before it happened and went to warn her mistress located in an office away.

The video does not show it but Jessica explains that her bitch then accompanied at the exit of the building. Here is one more proof of the extraordinary ability dogs have to feel what we can not.