The dog that bit a child will not be euthanized

Save a " dangerous dog " (as used by the authorities) of euthanasia after an assault is an uncommon court decision that deserves to be highlighted.

Thor , a 6-year-old Pit Bull Terrier has been impounded in the vicinity of Geneva since 5 months for injuring a 7 year old last spring

Thor is the dog of a Geneva police officer, and his situation is completely in order: his owner has the permission to own a dog said to be dangerous, and he regularly passes

assessment tests with a licensed dog trainer.

Still, Thor is considered a problem dog. Indeed, this is the third time he is involved in aggression cases. The first time, he was walked by his other owner, the ex-wife of the policeman (where he lives a few days a week). While a stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčassaulted the woman, he defended her. The second time he had participated in a dog fight.

The third time, he bit a 7-year-old child, still with the police officer's ex-wife (while wearing a muzzle). Why this reaction? The fact of not being with his master, the noise and the ruckus caused by the children? Even if the parents of the child have not complained , Thor is put under sequestrator (at the pound), and his euthanasia

seems obvious. His master fought to recover his dog. He went to court and pleaded his case. He apologized, paid for the harm done to the child and pledged to limit any risk of such a situation reoccurring. He will buy a more efficient muzzle , make a stronger leash

and promise that he will be the only person to walk the Pitbull. If the state considers Thor a dog dangerous and recidivist, the court preferred to bet on the good faith of the owner and gave him his life