The dog shelter housed... a coyote

On the unusual animal scene, this one will give you a lot of grit: a coyote has been confused with a Shiba Inu fleeing, and was placed in animal sanctuary before being released into the wild.

Lori Goodlett, an American, was devastated when Copper, the female Shiba Inu who shared her life for 11 years , ran away from the garden on July 3.

Fortunately, she was able to count on the eagle of a police officer who recognized his dog after seeing his posters posted around the street. He captures what he thinks is Lori's dog and gives it to the nearest animal sanctuary.
They call him shortly after to tell him to come and pick up the beast. Indeed, they tell him that coyotes are not accepted at the shelter.

Not smart policeman? Lori Goodlett argues in her favor: " When Copper was young, everyone thought it looked like a fox with its pointy, red ears... but nobody ever confused it with a coyote. "

So must we look for a Shiba Inu, a coyote or a fox? A history to become a goat !