The dog rescued in the Baltic Sea is drowned... under the mails

The incredible story of the dog rescued off the Baltic Sea while drifting on an iceberg for several days moved the whole world .

This poor dog had been washed away on a piece of ice that had broken as he crossed a river in Poland and then drifted on more than 100 kilometers off the Baltic Sea (25 kilometers from the shore!)

It was miraculously saved by scientists who were sailing there and seen offshore. From emails, calls and messages of support to the rescued dog tributary of the world

People living in Australia or Canada pray the crew of the boat that saved the dog, renamed " Baltic ", to give news of his condition and to update the photos of him.

A family even traveled 500 kilometers from the Thèque Republic believing that" Baltic "was their dog previously disappeared.

In response to this global craze, the spokesman for the dog Baltic (a member of the crew who rescued him) announced that a official Facebook page would be created to give him news to everyone.